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Sheri Praska
Head instructor for Halftime by Sheri. Sheri took classes at Trollwood Performing Arts and several liturgical dance courses. She was a member/ choreographer for the Packatahnas. She was accepted to perform at the Hall of Fame Bowl in Florida. She went on to become liturgical dance coordinator at her church and assistant coach to the Mystikix after High School. The real fun came while she was a member of the Fargo Freeze's IFL Dance Team. She was a captain/choreographer and her little sister coached the team. Dance is her passion and she enjoys sharing her love for the sport with young people.

Gloria Richard
Assistant Instructor for Toddies, Crystals and Jewels.
Gloria (Sheri's mom) has been with the studio since it opened in 1998. Gloria took a course in liturgical dance and attended lessons with Lute and Paula Simley. Her knowledge of dance is commendable and she uses her skills and choreography ideas to enhance the classes she teaches.

Jessica "Mini Me" Pierce
(Dancer of the Year 2004)
Head Instructor for Gems, Spotlights, Lil' Crew and Expressions. Assistant Instructor for Sparx and Dazzlers.
Jess was a dancer at HBS for 9 years and has been an instructor since 2007. She was also a member of West Fargo Mystikix and West Fargo Packatahnas. Jess is excellent with young people (which may have something to do with the fact that she has 5 younger siblings). Her dedication to our sport is phenomenal and we are lucky to have her.


Melissa VanCleve
(Dancer of the year 2010, Hardest Dancer of the Year, 2004)
Head Instructor for Toddies, Crystals and Jewels. Assistant Instructor for Sparx & Dazzlers.
Melissa danced at HBS for 11 years and started coaching in 2007. Once graduating high school she attended Concordia College and became a member of the Cobber Dance team. She was asked to take over the dance program offered by the West Fargo Park District in January 2014. She has attended a couple of classes at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City and was given the opportunity to take a couple of classes from Leslie Feliciano. To broaden her range of dance, she briefly adventured into the styles of Afro-Brazilian, swing, and ballet. She is excited to take her knowledge and teach a new generation of dancers.



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