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Teresa Maczkowicz


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Sheri Praska

Communications/ Board Secretary/ Registration & Website
Teresa Maczkowicz 701-799-8549
Duties include: Taking minutes at parent meeting and board meetings; keep copies for future reference. All emails should be directed through the Communications Director for approval. Gets registration emails and responds in a timely manner. Ordering HBS apparel and bookkeeping for HBS fundraisers. Monthly payments are due the first class of each month. Add $5 to the monthly fee for any late payments and please contact Teresa if you need to make any payment arrangements.

Class Parent Advisor
Teresa Maczkowicz 701-799-8549
As Parent Advisors designated Class Parents may contact them with questions & concerns. Parents of dancers may contact them If you have any questions/concerns you cannot discuss with your Class Parent. Correspondence to Class Parents regarding HBS studio business, such as performances, class needs, safety issues via email and/or phone. There will be occasions that require direct communication with dance parents.


Organize fall registration and uniform sizing events, HBS Fall Celebration, Winter Dance-A-Thon. Coordinates Silent Auctions, Concessions, ticket sales, and misc. items that are sold at the previously mentioned events.

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